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How to get people excited about ownership of pharma companies

Today’s Hindustan Times reports that Aamir Khan today appeared before a parliamentary committee and argued for restrictions on foreign direct investment in Indian pharmaceutical companies.  He submitted a confidential report to the committee on the matter. The cause of limiting big pharma’s activities in India is close to the heart of Commerce Minister, Anand Sharma but seems much less popular with the PM and his economic advisers. Until now, a few access-to-medicine activists and investors followed the disagreement with interest but it was ignored by anyone with a normal life. The intervention of one of the world’s most popular actors should change all of that. It may also herald Aamir Khan’s intention to be a health activist on various fronts — a recent episode of his TV show, Satyamev Jayate, highlighted malpractice in medicine and the activities of pharma sales reps. Watch for a series of leaks of the contents of his report.

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