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FOGSI’s launches its new programme ‘Vision 2022’ with a focus on women health issues

According to FOGSI, 56 per cent of the adolescent girls in today’s India are anaemic and 24.4 per cent of the women are obese .It recently announced its long term programme -Vision 2022, focusing on women’s health issues.

According to Dr Hema Divakar, president, FOGSI, “Bringing women from pale to pink is the aim of Vision 2022. It is planning to tackle four different issues relating to the ABCD of women’s health: Anaemia among adolescent and pregnant women, Building contraceptive choices, taking up Cancer cervix and Diabetes.

Vision 2022 aims at:

1.Saving the Girl child and this issue should become a non-issue by the year 2022.

2. Education and empowerment of women and this should become a continuous effort.

3. Ensuring that adolescent healthcare is in place.

4. Tackling gestational diabetes and cancer cervix and reduce the burden of non-communicable diseases.

To read more about Vision 2022, please click here.

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