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Android diabetes app points to India’s health future

The global technology news site, ZDNet carries an article today on an Indian app for Android and iphones. The app links over 20 glucometers to any Anroid or Apple smartphone. There is nothing that dramatic in Indian tech entrepreneurs inventing apps or in linking glucometers to smartphones by Bluetooth.

The interesting thing here is the business model: the company plans to sell the app primarily to Indians (about 70 million Indians have diabetes) and only secondarily to the world’s other 300 million people with diabetes. The company also plans to sell the app to insurers and hospitals: in the future premiums and payments to providers will be linked to outcomes. Providers will be paid for avoiding future problems or on a capitation basis (which gives them the same incentive) not on the current fee-for-service model. Success will depend on compliance and on being able to pinpoint patients having problems. India — with its tech entrepreneurs — may be uniquely able to take advantage of the online possibilities of maintaining wellbeing

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