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India’s patent system on meds may be the new normal #accesstomedicine #patent

There has been a lot of wailing amongst multinational pharma companies about India’s uniquely unfriendly attitude to patents. Now, it might be starting to look like the new normal.

The MNC’s are worried about three separate developments in India that they think will reduce incentives for innovation

The US government has shown itself to be unwilling or unable to shift India’s position significantly despite what five ex-US ambassadors to India called, “aggressive lobbying by US firms against India on business issues that has jeopardised bilateral ties lately.” (They were writing to President Obama, mostly about immigration but on a range of trade issues). There has been a vigorous exchange between some US lawmakers and the Indian ambassador to the US. India, though, is not giving in and the US doesn’t seem willing to offer a big enough political tit for tat.


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