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Photo essay: Sanitation and Hygiene in India

A close look at a project implemented in an urban school and slum in Srinivaspuri, New Delhi

Save the Childen in partnership with Harpic implemented a project to improve sanitation and hygiene practices in Srinivasapuri, New Delhi. They are working in a total of ten locations across Delhi. These slums lack proper drainage facilities and toilets which are essential for maintaining good health.


                                                                          Above:  A slum in Srinivaspuri, New Delhi

Below: An earlier picture of the drains that used to run right next to the houses. Residents, especially the mothers used to fear for their children getting hurt or falling in.After approximately three meetings there was an acceptance by the community members  and soon Save the Children and Harpic were able to get participation from the community at every level.


A key objective was to create a rapport with the community so that the residents would then take ownership of the project. They questioned the residents on the link between open drains and dirty water and illnesses such as diarrhoea. They encouraged the residents to come up with solutions themselves.

Below: More pictures of dirty open drains.


Below: At the end of the project the hazardous drain has been covered. The members supported the construction and maintenance of the newly covered drains.


Below: the resident proudly maintain their clean surroundings and adhere to the waste management practices set up.


Now, there is a place to sit, have a conversation, walk and play.


Below: There are neat and clean pathways to walk on between the houses.


Most importantly, as resident and a mother  proudly spoke to us about the many benefits of keeping this slum clean. She  smiled as she said  “I do not have to worry about our children running around and playing near those dangerous drains”.


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