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Photo essay: On teaching schoolchildren good hygiene practices

A project on teaching children the importance of hygiene and washing hands was also started in a school in Srinivaspuri after permission from the Municipal Corporation of Delhi. The project was implemented by Save the Children in partnership with Harpic. Before this project was implemented, there  were no proper wash basins for the children to wash their hands and they used to wash their hands from a single pipe.  Awareness about germs , importance of good hygiene and practices  of washing hands were extremely low in this school . After the newly installed hand wash basin and colourful pictures on hygiene, children got into a habit of washing their hands.



Above:  posters and diagrams on the walls of school grounds on hygiene

Below: Participation was sought from all the teachers and children in the school to encourage each other on good hygiene practices.


Below: A young girl just finished washing her hands after playing with her friends.



Above: Washing hands properly soap

Below:The students demonstrate a small play on how to was your hands properly


Below:Now the project is running successfully as the students follow good habits of keeping their hands and nails clean and washing up before meals.



Earlier: photo essay on the project implemented in a slum in Srinivaspuri , New Delhi

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  1. I think it is a great effort on behalf of the school and the need of the hour to prevent transmission of microbes between individuals in the community and hospital settings. hand hygiene could prevent over 50% of diarrhea deaths and respiratory illnesses in children in the community and prevent healthcare associated infections in hospitals

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