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33 die of heart attacks every day in Mumbai

There are some shocking and depressing figures reported in an article in the DNA.

As per data quoted in this article, in Mumbai:

  • 4.6 lakh citizens die due to various illnesses since 2001 till Oct 2014 ( total number of heart attack -1.65 lakh ,TB and cancer deaths – 1.13 lakh and 72,759)
  • 92 deaths daily due to various diseases (heart attacks daily: 33, TB: 22, cancer : 14)

To read more about heart diseases also called cardiovascular diseases (CVD), click here.

“Heart disease has been the leading cause of death for a long time now. Four major factors are responsible for CVD: a high-carbohydrate diet which leads to excess fat storage in the body, stress, smoking and chewing tobacco, and most importantly a sedentary lifestyle,” said Dr. Vijay D’silva. He is the Medical Director, Asian Heart Institute which has been set up with an aim to provide world-class cardiac care in India.

Tuberculosis (TB) as mentioned in the DNA article, emerges as the second-biggest cause of death in the city. India is the highest TB burden country with World Health Organisation (WHO) statistics for 2011 giving an estimated incidence figure of 2.2 million cases of TB for India out of a global incidence of 8.7 million cases.

In the few years, we have also seen a rise of what is called  multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB).A person with active TB disease has drug resistant TB if the TB bacteria that the person is infected with, will not respond to and are resistant to at least one of the main TB drugs.There are 27 “high burden” countries . These are countries where there are at least 4,000 cases of MDR TB each year and/or at least 10% of newly registered TB cases are of MDR TB.  India is one of  27 “high burden” countries .

India’s Revised National TB Control Programme is the largest TB Control Programme in the world, placing more than 100,000 patients on treatment every month. For more information about tuberculosis  control in India, click here.


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