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The health budget for 2016

Finance Minister for India, Arun Jaitley announced in this year’s health budget that the government will:

  • provide Health Protection Scheme of Rs 1 lakh to cover unforeseen illness in poor families with an additional Rs 30,000 for senior citizens
  • set up 3000 new drug stores across the country to handle the shortage of drugs, especially in rural areas
  • launch the National Dialysis Programme to deal with the high costs involved in renal dialysis processes such as every district hospital will have facilities of renal dialysis and the dialysis equipment will be exempt from customs duty

According to this article, “even though India has committed to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the union budget presented leaves much to be desired in reaching child development goals.”

There has been no increase in the expenditure on public health as the budget for the National Health Mission remains stagnated at Rs 19,000 crore.


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