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Tumour weighing 5.5kg removed from kidney

A world record breaking tumour has been removed from a 28 year old woman from Darbhanga district of Bihar.

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The tumour had grown to several times the size of the kidney

The tumour weighed an astonishing 5.5kg. This is made even more of a medical anomaly as the tumour was located in her kidney, and had grown to the point that it was many times the size of the kidney it had grown from. A normal, healthy kidney typically weighs between 110 and 140 grams. The world record has since been confirmed by Guinness World Records.

Another means of comparison to a healthy kidney is the size of the tumour. Claimed to have been 31cm by 19cm in size, this puts it at nearly 50 times the size of an average kidney. A growth of this size could cause severe disturbances not only within the kidney itself, but to the surrounding organs.

This is the case with Manju Devi, the 28 year old operated on. She originally went to doctors claiming pain in the lower abdomen as well as blood passing in her urine. The considerable bulk of the growth had been pushing her intestines, pancreas and liver to the left half of her abdomen.

As the pain became worse, and daily activities were adversely affected Devi went to the hospital and a CT scan was performed. The scan revealed the tumour, which at this point had all but replaced the kidney.

Surgery however was deferred, the size of the growth making the procedure complex enough that many local hospitals could not perform the removal. Devi had to wait three years, in increasing pain.

The tumour was finally removed in an eight-hour long surgery performed by Dr Sawant, Dr Prakash Pawar and uroanesthetists Dr Geeta Patkar and Dr Aparna Nerulkar at the Sion Hospital in Mumbai.

Devi was kept on a ventilator for a day following the procedure. The following week she  spent recovering before returning to what doctors have described as a totally normal life, marking a successful surgery.

The tumour was removed in November 2016, however, as Guinness World Records undergo a six month confirmation procedure, the news of the world record tumour was only recently announced.

An email confirmation from the Guinness World Records to Dr Ajit Sawant, head of the urology department at the hospital readWe are thrilled to inform you that your application for heaviest tumour removed has been successful and you are now the Guinness World Record title holder”.


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