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Heart data: Does it offer new hope for heart health?

Heart data concept. Copyright: tribalium123 / 123RF Stock Photo
A new system for monitoring heart data could offer new hope globally for heart disease patients.

Dubai-based researchers have pioneered a novel new technology which could offer hope for those suffering from heart ailments.

Scientists at the University of Birmingham Dubai have unveiled ElectroMap software which could play an important role in processing heart data. Existing technologies can monitor the electrical activity of the heart and detect when conditions such as cardiac arrhythmia affect. ElectroMap can help doctors process, analyse and map this data. As a result, the software can help doctors identify heart conditions and assist prevention and treatment.

“By using novel data analysis strategies we have developed this software, it will provide a deeper understanding of heart diseases,” said Kashif Rajpoot, a senior lecturer at the university. He expressed hope that “ElectroMap will accelerate innovative cardiac research and lead to wider use of mapping technologies.”

The news comes as a potential boon for India, where heart diseases are the dominant cause of death. In 2016, 28.1 per cent of deaths were caused by heart ailments. Of deaths caused by noncommunicable diseases, heart disease accounted for 61.8 percent.

Previous technologies have been unveiled which could help India in the fight against the disease. These include an internet ‘crystal ball’ which can offer predictions as to the likelihood of the user developing heart disease and a pocket-sized electrocardiogram which can monitor heart health.

With heart doctors in short supply and disparities in the healthcare equipment necessary in the treatment of heart disease, the availability of advanced software could play an instrumental role in helping Indians improve their heart health. This should be combined with efforts to expand access to healthcare and awareness programmes so risk factors for heart disease can be avoided. Otherwise, the burden on India’s heart health is unlikely to be lessened any time soon.

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