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India and Sri Lanka to enhance healthcare relationship

Sri Lanka, Colombo
The streets of Colombo, Sri Lanka. Plans have been announced to deepen the collaboration between India and Sri Lanka on healthcare – especially in the field of traditional medicine

“”Diseases know no boundaries””

India and Sri Lanka will enhance their relationship when it comes to working together on health, India’s top diplomat to the country has said.

Diseases know no boundaries,” Indian High Commissioner Taranjit Singh Sandhu asserted in a public statement while inaugurating a three-day Medicare conference in Colombo, Sri Lanka. He continued, “our cooperation in healthcare needs to go beyond frontiers – the only way to combat the emerging challenges in the health sector is to share knowledge, techniques and best practices. For us, collaboration is a celebration. Partnership is progress.”

The High Commissioner’s speech emphasised holistic healthcare, which he identified as a point of comparison between the two nations. “In our part of the world, both in India and in Sri Lanka, healthcare has always been looked at in a holistic way…We have built on these rich traditions, from a shared heritage of alternative systems like Ayurveda to the modern linkages in pharma and allied sectors.”

This is not the first time Sri Lanka and India have sought to collaborate in this area. The countries had signed a memorandum of understanding last year to enhance cooperation in the field of traditional medicine. The statement by the High Commissioner serves to reaffirm India’s commitment to this aim and may engender further cooperation between the two nations in the coming years.

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