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First double aneurysm operated on in government hospital

In a first of its kind surgery in India, a government hospital in Tamil Nadu city Coimbatore has removed a double aneurysm from a patient’s brain.

Copyright: vampy1 / 123RF Stock PhotoA 65-year-old woman from Periya Negamam, a panchayat town in the district, had been complaining of headaches which were occurring over a period of time. For many, this is an issue that is simply and quickly resolved with painkillers, then forgotten about. However, her headaches did not dissipate despite frequent use of painkillers.

The woman sought help at her local health centre and was referred to the Coimbatore Medical College Hospital (CMCH). A CT scan revealed two aneurysms within her brain. Complicating surgical options was the fact that these two aneurysms were located in entirely different regions. One was found in the right middle cerebral artery and the other in the anterior communicating artery.

The laboratory unit that performed the surgery had only recently been set up within Coimbatore. Before this, any patient suspected of suffering from aneurysms, tumours and blocks in their brain were referred to private hospitals or government hospitals in Madurai or Chennai.

The operation, despite its complicated nature, was a success. At the time of writing, the patient is alive and well and has seen a full recovery. “Once all investigations were completed, we opened her brain and using the biplane cath lab, detected the exact location of the aneurysms and found the best way to approach the artery and clip it,” said CMCH Dean Dr Ashokan. “A month later, the patient has regained consciousness.”

Headaches are a common occurrence that are not normally cause for concern. There are a host of reasons which can account for why a person may suffer from headaches, ranging from alcohol intake, dehydration, or spending too long looking at a computer or television screen.

It is only considered a cause for concern if the headaches are consistent and do not respond to painkillers, or when accompanied by other symptoms. Of particular concern is when symptoms resembling a stroke occur, though these tend to be more apparent.

Dr Ashokan noted that all patients in the area should feel encouraged to seek out medical advice regarding recurrent headaches as procedures involving aneurysms can be performed for free at government hospitals.

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