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Open-heart surgery boon in Delhi hospital

Heart diseases illustration: Open heart surgery. Credit:|&mediapopup=40119386Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has inaugurated a facility at the Rajiv Gandhi Super-Specialty Hospital for open-heart surgery, responding to a condition which affects a number of Indians.

Heart disease was the leading cause of death in India in 2016, accounting for 28.1 percent of all deaths. 1.7 million Indians lose their lives to heart disease every year. Coronary heart disease – a condition for which open-heart surgery is utilised as a surgical treatment – has increased in prevalence in India in recent years. In the 2001-03 period, coronary heart disease accounted for seventeen percent of adult deaths; by the 2010-13 period, it accounted for 32 percent of adult deaths. 

“Rajiv Gandhi is a state-of-the-art hospital at par with private hospitals,” Kejriwal said at the facility’s inauguration. Concurring, Delhi health minister Satyender Jain said “The hospital has more than 200 beds and is one of the best super-specialty hospitals in the city.” 

“No government could have thought that government hospitals could have facilities equal to a private hospital,” Kejriwal added. Of the broader expansion of healthcare infrastructure in the national capital, he said “Delhi has witnessed an expansion in health services and many new facilities have been increased at each level.” He referenced at the launch the increase in footfall at Delhi hospitals’ outpatient departments, from three crore when the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government came to power in 2015 to six crore at present. 

Expanding on the heart disease treatment facilities at the hospital, Delhi health minister Satyender Jain added that it “[conducts] 500 angiography tests and 150 angioplasties within one month”, deeming it “a huge achievement for the hospital.” The hospital will be equipped with a sixteen-bed intensive care unit, an operating theatre complex, and facilities for bariatric, cardiothoracic vascular, hepatobiliary, and metabolic surgeries. 

“The open heart surgery will bring a huge relief to the patients who have been visiting state-run hospitals,” said hospital director Dr B. L. Sherwal. “We already had the infrastructure, but certain instruments, technical staff, and doctors were not there. We have been trying to start this department over the last two years.” 

“I want to congratulate all the people who have supported us in initiating these facilities for the people of Delhi,” said Kejriwal. 

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