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AYUSH hospitals for all: One in every district

The Government Ayurveda Medical College and Hospital in Mysore. There will be AYUSH hospitals in every district in India within the next three to four years. Image credit: Christopher F. Fynn [CC BY-SA 4.0 (]
Minister of Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, and Homoeopathy (AYUSH) Shripad Yasso Naik has announced that AYUSH hospitals will be opened in every district of India, in line with government efforts to expand access to alternative medicine facilities throughout the nation. 

“We have brought out a scheme wherein AYUSH hospitals be it Ayurveda, Unani will be set up in every district as per requirement,” the Minister said following the inauguration of the National Research Institute of Unani Medicine for Skin Disorders in Hyderabad. He added that more than 100 fifty-bed AYUSH hospitals have been established across the country at present. The timeframe for setting up the new legion of AYUSH hospitals is three to four years, he added.

“We understand that targeting only the sick persons and aiming for their medical treatment is not sufficient to attain the goal of complete health,” Naik said of the importance of traditional and alternative systems of medicine. “It is easier to prevent the diseases rather than attempting for their cure. Obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases including hypertension are some of the current health issues faced by the world. In this scenario, our age-old traditional systems of medicine stand out as a way of coping with the relentless rise of chronic, noncommunicable diseases.” 

AYUSH is increasing in popularity in India and government efforts to expand the nation’s alternative medicine infrastructure are underway. The Centre announced the establishment of 12,500 AYUSH centres in September, following on from Naik calling for the same in February. Other boosts include an Rs 200 crore boon for integrated health research and a national alternative medicine grid, interconnecting AYUSH facilities and laboratories across the country. AYUSH hospitals in every district is a policy initiative already embraced in Maharashtra. 

“Our efforts are focussed to tap the real potential of AYUSH systems in imparting preventive, promotive and holistic healthcare to the people,” said Naik. 

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