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Heart failure and diabetes: Research suggests a link

Heart failure  ( film x-ray chest PA upright : show cardiomegaly and interstitial infiltrate both lung )Individuals with diabetes have an elevated risk of heart failure, new research indicates.

An association between heart disease and diabetes is understood. New findings published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings suggests diabetes to be an indicator of heart failure in its own right. 

The research analysed the long-term impact of diabetes on developing heart failure, surveying 116 individuals with diabetes and 232 without diabetes. Researchers compared the age and sex of the participants and the prevalence of conditions including coronary heart disease, heart relaxation dysfunction, and hypertension. Over the ten-year follow-up period, one-fifth of those with diabetes experienced heart failure irregardless of other factors, compared to twelve percent of non-diabetics. There was no statistical difference between both groups of cardiac death, heart attacks, or stroke.  

The research suggests, according to Mayo Clinic cardiologist and senior study author Dr Horng Chen, “that diabetes mellitus alone is an independent risk factor for the development of heart failure.” The news is concerning for a country such as India, where heart disease is the leading cause of death. 

Diabetes is on the rise. By some estimates, diabetes is the country’s fastest-growing disease with a combination of lifestyle factors conducive to developing the disease and a genetic predisposition to the same driving the increase. 

Already, India’s diabetic population outnumbers the entire populace of some countries. In 2017, Diabetes affected 8.8 percent of India’s adult population with 72,946,400 cases. Some projections anticipate that India will see 98.0 million cases of type-2 diabetes alone by 2030. Some estimates anticipate an overall total of 134 million diabetes cases by just 2025. As such, the prospect of a link between heart failure and diabetes heightens the need for scrutiny of the country’s diabetes crisis and a need to investigate the connection further. 

“Our hope is that this study provides a strong foundation for further investigations into diabetes and heart failure,” comments Chen. “There is still much to learn and study in terms of this association and how to best diagnose and treat this condition.”

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    Though the study appears latest, the problem was much earlier studied and established in different research labs and hospitals across the globe. Nonetheless the study in question is very much appreciated and may further go to prevent such incidents in the cause of human welfare, Thanks for sharing and best wishes for continued study in the specific area.

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