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Healthcare infrastructure to get an update in Karnataka

Healthcare infrastructure illustration.The Karnataka government is seeking to improve healthcare infrastructure in the state, its Minister for Medical Education Dr K. Sudhakar has announced. 

The Minister visited the Sri Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences and Research, the PKTB Sanatorium and the Cheluvamba Hospital for Women and Children over the weekend, conducting infrastructure inspections at the sites. He outlined the state government’s ambitions of bolstering the public health sector in the state. Sudhakar affirmed that all medical institutions in the state would attain accreditation by the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH). 

“The government will ensure that all government hospitals will function without any hassle,” Sudhakar said. “We will take measures to provide utmost care, without discomfort to patients. Making all institutions as centres of excellence is our vision.” Sudhakar acknowledged that “there are challenges to achieve the goal.” However, he affirmed that “the government has worked out a module to overcome the problems.” 

The upgrading of healthcare infrastructure in the state is to be facilitated by a so-called ‘vision group’ including medical practitioners and experts who will formulate ideas for programmes and policies to ensure high-quality care in hospitals and a high standard of medical education. 

“The department will set up the group within ten days” the Minister explained. “Jayadeva institute director Dr C. N. Manjunath will be one of the team members of the vision group. The group will plan programmes for quality service and infrastructure in hospitals.” 

Ultimately, the Minister said, “the government hospitals will be improved to provide quality medical service.” Underscoring the need for such an endeavour were the grievances of individuals present at the hospitals, who raised issues with Sudhakar such as long waiting times, poor standards of hygiene, and difficulty receiving information and updates from medical practitioners about their family members. 

Achieving the upgrade in Karnataka’s healthcare infrastructure will require substantive efforts on the part of the authorities. Sudhakar acknowledged as much. “That is my vision and dream,” he said, “and this would call for ramping up infrastructure and [strengthening] the healthcare system.”

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