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PandemiCast. Episode 1: Public policy in a pandemic

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), which the World Health Organization (WHO) characterised as a pandemic last week, continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Confirmed cases worldwide number thus far at 187,375 (at the time of writing), of which 99,050 are active. The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in 7,477 deaths. Of the 99,050 currently infected patients, 92,559 (93 percent) are in mild condition. The remaining 6,491 patients (seven percent) are in serious or critical condition.  

Last week, Health Issues India announced PandemiCast, seeking to offer ‘a new insight into a global health crisis.’ Our first episode, recorded Saturday, March 14th, touches on “why various governments are reacting so differently to the pandemic.” It can be viewed here. Our first panel includes

  • Kerean Watts, Editor, Health Issues India
  • Mark Chataway, Baird’s CMC, Ireland and founder, Health Issues India
  • Ajoy Bose, Baird’s CMC partner, India
  • Denise Gray-Felder, Baird’s CMC, USA
  • James Snodgrass, Baird’s CMC, Europe
  • Corrado Tomassini, Havas PR and Baird’s CMC partner, Italy
  • Sharon Quntai, Baird’s CMC, Kenya

Chataway acts as a moderator of the conversation.

Our first discussion focuses on public policy, exploring three themes: what governments are doing, how they seem to think the health emergency will evolve and what public reaction has been. In addition, we provide a regular weekly analysis of media and social media trends, using global data from 300,000 news sources, thirty million blogs, and a continuous stream of social media posts spanning 205 countries in 87 languages.

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