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Video: Dr Joël Calmet on polio, immunisation, and COVID-19

Amidst the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, UNICEF issued a stark warning last month that “South Asia could face yet another health emergency if children across the region do not receive their life-saving vaccine shots.” It noted “the South Asia region is also home to two of the last polio endemic countries in the world, Afghanistan and Pakistan.”

On the heels of that warning, Health Issues India editor Kerean Watts interviewed Dr Joël Calmet, a senior advisor to Baird’s CMC and an expert on polio. The interview can be watched here where Dr Calmet discusses the importance of routine immunisation, the future of vaccinations in a post-lockdown world and how India was so successful in achieving polio eradication – as well as whether the current crisis threatens the polio endgame.

Dr Joel Calmet is a medical doctor by training who has spent most of his career within Sanofi Pasteur. He occupied various position from commercial operation to public affairs and finally communications. His main point of interest are related to international vaccines programs in general with a special interest in polio eradication and financial mechanisms. He is now working as a senior advisor to Baird’s CMC. 

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