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On International Nurses Day, BD says Thank You to every healthcare professional who is fighting tirelessly against the COVID-19 pandemic

New Delhi, May 12, 2020: Acknowledging the critical role played by the nurses in delivering primary and community care, BD along with Infusion Nurses Society (INS) observed International Nurses Day, with “Nursing the world to Health” as the theme by World Health Organization (WHO).

Acknowledging the hard work done by the healthcare warriors, BD has launched a digital campaign “With You For You”, a campaign dedicated to celebrating the heroism of nurses and doctors. Through this platform, experiences and untold stories of nurses and doctors in the form of videos and collage during the pandemic will be shared with the country and worldwide, thanking them for their selfless work. 

On this day, Pavan Mocherla, Managing Director-BD India/South Asia expressed his gratitude towards every healthcare professional and said, “Thank you to the many heroes in the healthcare community. Whether they are on the front lines or the last lines, BD wants to acknowledge their bravery in this battle. Our purpose of advancing the world of healthcouldn’t have been more relevant in extraordinary times like now. At BD, we believe that if we are able to enable our healthcare workers with the best clinical practices related to patient safety, they can embrace their responsibility to do no harm to those they serve.” 

It is of utmost importance that the nurses who are fighting the war against this disease, need to follow standard procedures like proper use of masks, follow hand hygiene, proper use of personal protective equipment, safe waste management, cleaning and disinfection of equipment and cleaning of the environment. Advanced training should be provided to the nurses which will help them tackle the current situation in a better way. Infection prevention control practices should be followed properly during sample collection and treatment of confirmed COVID-19 cases which may raise concerns over the possibility of healthcare workers getting infected and leading to further transmission.

Col Binu Sharma, President-Infusion Nurses Society, India, said, “With the emergence of COVID-19, the entire nation is going through a difficult time. Thousands of patients in the country along with hundreds of healthcare staff are already at risk and therefore it is of utmost importance for medical professionals to adhere to precautionary measures to fight the ravages of this virus, while treating the patients. Compromise in following proper guidelines may potentially increase the likelihood of exposure to infection leading to greater anxiety, shortage of nurses and panic among the care givers. Hence, it becomes very essential for the nurses to not only follow safety protocols by using protective gears, masks, PPE but also ensure appropriate staffing, power breaks, focus on balanced diet, continued training on dynamically changing protocols and engagement with mentors and coaches.”

Dr Sunil Rao, Group Medical Director, Sahyadri Hospitals, Pune, said,” Today, we are very grateful to all those nurses who are standing like a rock and protecting us from this pandemic. Without them managing this disease would have been very difficult. These nurses risk their lives while treating the patients, hence, they must follow various safety protocols and guidelines like IPC precautions, no reuse of single-use devices and implementation of latest technologies like auto-disable syringes, needleless IV connection devices and follow a safe injection, specimen collection and surface disinfection procedures to contain the spread of the virus.”

Several healthcare workers, including doctors and nurses, have contracted the disease while dealing with COVID-19 cases. Thus, in today’s time, it has become very crucial that nurses and healthcare workers are provided with global medtech innovations and are given best practice training and safety equipment, as ensuring their safety would ensure patient safety and our nation’s safety. 

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