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“Looking for hope” – Interview with Ashok Row Kavi

For marginalised communities, the COVID-19 pandemic is a period of great uncertainty and even greater stigmatisation according to Ashok Row Kavi. Kerean Watts, editor of Health Issues India, speaks to the veteran journalist and prominent LGBTQ+ rights activist on these issues and more. Ashok earlier featured on our ‘PandemiCast’ episode focusing on sexual and reproductive health issues during the COVID-19 pandemic, which can be viewed here.

Ashok Row Kavi is an LGBTQ+ rights activist based in Mumbai. A veteran journalist, he is considered one of India’s most visible openly gay men. Among his achievements are the founding of India’s first gay magazine Bombay Dost in 1990 and founding the Mumbai-base non-government organisation Humsafar Trust in 1994. He has worked with many NGOs and his writings have appeared in many of India’s leading newspapers and publications.

Ashok Row Kavi is currently in the process of writing his autobiography. 

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