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Journalism in a pandemic: Ajoy Bose talks to HII

Journalism has changed. COVID-19 means reporters everywhere are now, in effect, health journalists by necessity. Communicating the right information about the global pandemic may be an onerous task. It is, nonetheless, a vital one. With the health beat having been largely neglected and sidelined for so long, it is now firmly at the centre of the media landscape.

With this in mind, veteran journalist, author and public health consultant Ajoy Bose talks to Health Issues India editor Kerean Watts about how the role of the Indian journalist and the journalism industry has changed during the COVID-19 pandemic and how the media industry tackles the challenges COVID-19 brings. You can watch our interview here.

Ajoy Bose has been a featured panellist in several episodes of PandemiCast. He also moderated a roundtable discussion during our campaign ‘Health for Polls’ last year. Mr Bose has worked in journalism for more than forty years and in public health for more than twenty years. His writing features in a number of esteemed publications. He is also the author of several books on subjects ranging from politics to the Beatles.

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