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HII talks to Neha Chandra on the role of the public health consultant

“A quick question for all the healthcare communication professionals: How often does trade media make to your target media list when you need to disseminate a press release? Now take a second to evaluate the content of your release and ask yourself if it suits the profile of the trade media you are pitching to.”

So begins public health consultant Neha Chandra’s opinion piece entitled “Healthcare PR specialist Neha Chandra decodes the healthcare trade media in India.” The piece, which you can read here, is an informative and valuable insight into the section of trade media that devotes itself to health.

The media is a vital component of disseminating health-related information. The COVID-19 pandemic has only underscored this. Yet, for many, the health trade media is merely a vehicle for press releases. It can – and should – be much more than that. Ms Chandra and I spoke last month about these issues and more. You can watch our interview here on Vimeo. 

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