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This collection brings together new and existing content from our team and those working to promote access to medicines in India, to explore the many, complex issues that need to be addressed. It marks the expected publication of the report of the UN Secretary General’s High Level Panel on Access to Medicines, in early summer 2016.

The issues

Over the past three years Hyderus, publisher of Health Issues India, has explored issues surrounding access to medicines in India with clients and colleagues. We have learnt a great deal about the issues surrounding access to medicines and the efforts being made to break down the barriers that stop people in India getting the treatment they need. Mark Chataway, Director of Hyderus and colleagues Nikhil Murali and Ajoy Bose discuss the findings of this research and its implications for access in India here.

This editorial presents the findings from Hyderus’ own research and examines the political and policy context for delivering better access to innovative medicines in India.

United Nations High Level panel

UN Secretary General Mr Ban Ki-moon announced the formation of a high level panel to examine issues surrounding global access to medicines in 2015. This UN High Level Panel is expected to report in June 2016.

India’s Cancer Medicine Crisis

India is facing a crisis in cancer care. Without a national cancer strategy patients are left without early diagnosis, effective treatment or adequate palliative care.

Before it’s too late India needs to get into top gear to fight diabetes

With more than five per cent of India’s population suffering from lifestyle related type 2 diabetes and the incidence of diabetes expected to double in the next twenty years, a coherent, systematic and well planned multi­sectoral approach coupled with substantial central government investment in health services is desperately needed.

Pharma’s Catch­22 on access

Sometimes you can’t do right for doing wrong. We take a look at a what commentators are saying about the case of Sovaldi, Gilead’s new hepatitis C antiviral and argue that Sovaldi is not a story of access denied, but access extended.

Medical Council of India

Corruption in the Medical Council of India, the governing body for medical education in India’s is blocking efforts to increase access to medicine. With capitation fees, not merit, determining medical school entry, graduating doctors of questionable competence move into the private sector.

Why MSF relies on generic medicines from India

Since 1999 Médecins Sans Frontières have campaigned for better access for lifesaving drugs. Sometimes controversial in its views on the pharmaceutical industry, MSF push for greater affordability for medicines, act as a watchdog on access to medicines throughout the world and help shape the medical research agenda to better meet global health needs.

Pharmaceutical innovation and access to medicines

In an industry that values innovation, intellectual property rights protect the processes needed to deliver safe and effective new medicines. Relaxing these essential protections in this high investment industry may ultimately hinder access and harm global health.



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