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Interviews with Sridhar Venkatapuram – Human Rights and Access to Medicines

Why access to medicines is a
human rights issue

Interviews with Sridhar Venkatapuram

Sridhar Venkatapuram, is Director of the MSc in Global Health & Social Justice at King’s College London. He discusses the barriers preventing access to medicines and treatment in India, and the importance of India’s voice in the global debate on access to medicines with Mark Chataway, Director of Hyderus.

Access as a human rights issue

In this video Sridhar considers how access to medicine and treatment became a human rights issue and what this might mean for individuals, advocacy organisations, public healthcare systems and the pharmaceutical industry. He asks, what are our obligations and duties to each other to ensure we all have access to not only medicines but also treatment when we need it?

Access and intellectual property

In this video, Sridhar examines access and intellectual property issues in the context of human rights. He considers how rights to health can be balanced with ownership of intellectual property.

Access to medicines in India

India faces enormous challenges in delivering better access to medicines to more than 1 billion citizens. Tackling the practical realities of these challenges will take more than philosophical persuasion. Putting aside conceptual consideration, Sridhar considers what the barriers to access are and what needs to be done including increasing investment in health and tackling corruption.

Sridhar Venkatapuram was interviewed by Mark Chataway, Director of Hyderus for Health Issues India, in June 2016.

India and the global debate

Access is a global issue. In this interview, Sridhar Venkatapuram describes the significant role he sees for India, its policy makers, activists and people, in shaping the global debate on increasing access to medicines. Together with other mega- populous countries including Brazil, Nigeria and China, the debate will be shaped by the challenges they face. How delivering healthcare to their massive populations will demand new ways of delivering, financing and funding healthcare.

Mark Chataway

Mark is an expert in the field of health and development-related marketing and communications work and is one of the founders of Baird’s CMC. Besides being an integral part of the firm, Mark is also the director of his own international communications and policy consultancy, Hyderus, which is based out of Wales.

Sridhar Venkatapuram was interviewed by Mark Chataway, Director of Hyderus for Health Issues India, in June 2016.

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