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Health maps to provide visual representation of rural India

A new book looks to provide a visual – and perhaps vital – representation of the disparities in Indian healthcare. Recently published by the Chhattisgarh-based non-profit Jan Swasthya Sahyog (JSS), “An Atlas of Rural Health: Chronicles from Central India” consists of fifty true stories, coupled with various health maps and cartograms. The book aims to […]

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Epilepsy considered grounds for divorce

Epilepsy is considered grounds for divorce and the annulment of marriages in both India and China reports the World Health Organization (WHO). This is primarily due to more pronounced negative socio-economic conditions caused by the disease in these countries. This results from what is referred to as the “treatment gap” between low-to-middle income countries and

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Drive to de-worm 34 crore children

A single day drive of massive scale has been launched by the national government to administer a de-worming tablet to 34 crore (340 million) children. The programme will aim to de-worm all children up to age 19 and will take place across 31 states and UTs. This manner of project has enjoyed success in the past

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Socio-cultural acceptance of healthcare

The public perception of medication and treatment is a major obstacle to improving healthcare in India, says Monica Lakhanpaul (a leading professor of integrated community child health). India is a country deeply rooted in tradition. This often means that many in the population are not eager to accept modern technological or medical intervention, she says.

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Artistic medical expo in Thiruvananthapuram

An artistic medical expo in Kerala includes live surgery and virtual reality exhibits. Thiruvananthapuram medical college has extended an artistic medical expo from January 31st to February 13th. The event, named “Medex” began on the 3rd January and has seen upwards of 1.5 lakh (150,000) visitors over the last month. This unexpected popularity of the

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Budget 2017: eliminate measles

Measles will be eliminated by 2020 promises the 2017 health budget. Doing so would eradicate a public health scourge that kills thousands of children in India every year. To fulfill this ambitious yet viable pledge, the Indian government will seek to build upon the country’s success in combating the disease in recent years, through a

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Budget 2017: Eliminate filariasis

India aims to eliminate lymphatic filariasis by the end of 2017. Previously mentioned in a national health policy in 2002, it was aimed to be eliminated by 2015. Like many of the other disease mentioned during the 2017 budget, previous deadlines for elimination have not been met. This casts a shadow of doubt over the

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Budget 2017: eliminate kala-azar

The 2017 budget set out by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has established a number of diseases set to be eliminated. Among these is kala-azar.  However, previous governments have often said before that India was on the verge of elimination and all have been proved wrong. Of the disease targeted in the budget such as TB

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Budget 2017: Leprosy eradication

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has set out in the 2017 budget speech an aim to eradicate leprosy from India by 2018. Through the increased health budget, drives are taking place in order to “not just eliminate [the disease], but eradicate it as well” says the Times of India. This is by no means a new

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Budget 2017: Tuberculosis elimination

At the rate of decline of tuberculosis (TB) prevalence in India over the past 24 years (0.91% per year), it would take India 183 years for the disease to be considered eradicated. The recently released government budget set 2025 as a target for TB elimination from India. Critics have responded by saying that this is

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