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We know that most health interviews are written by PR people. We also know that interviewees worry about journalists sensationalising the answers or misunderstanding the meaning. We wanted to do something different.

Exclusive interviews

In our new Exclusive Interviews, we ask thought leaders in health across India to answer standard questions in three sections: on their views on health, their area of expertise (immunisation, prevention etc) and on their work. The interviewee can, of course, refuse to answer any question but they can’t re-write the interview. We think this will be a way to show what some of India’s best minds think about the wellbeing of the country.

We have been so encouraged that some of India’s most eminent thinkers have readily agreed to share their hopes, fears and ambitions for the country. They have told us what makes them proud and what makes them feel that India is falling behind other fast-growing countries. You will see that many have thought hard about philosophical questions as well as about the pressing health needs of the nation.

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