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Special Focus – Polio in India


A community health worker administers a vaccination in Odisha.

This special focus section about polio in India is produced in partnership with Sanofi Pasteur

The history of polio in India

Child in an iron lung

India and the prevailing use of OPV

Girl receiving OPV drops

Case Study

The RI campaign was part of the polio endgame in India – ensuring that vaccination against the poliovirus reached everyone, everywhere. Making India polio-free depended on this, as just one case can lead to a resurgence of the disease in communities where immunisation levels are low.


The polio vaccine being administered in India, which has been declared polio-free since 2014. However, infrastructural problems within India’s public health system and inequality between its states have resulted in many disease eradication targets since being missed.

Prof. Jacob John

Navine Thacker

Dr Joël Calmert

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