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Big questions about health turn political in India

It’s fashionable to moan about health never figuring on India’s political agenda. As we have suggested before in this blog, that may be changing. There is now a big, heavy duty argument involving philosophy, economics, ideology and all of the other components of a true political discussion. This  article from Outlook is a well-written, if highly partisan, shot at the front line of those who argue for more innovative public-private partnerships. “In its nine years in power, the UPA has overseen the shrinking of the public sector and the boom in the private. All the while, it has paid lip service to aam admi causes—even as it pushes people from the margins into the wilderness,” says Outlook. On the other hand. the Planning Commission continues to reign in expectations that India’s vast health problem can be resolved by a splurge of public money. See this article in Today’s Times of India, for example. As we have said many times, when health becomes controversial, politicians will focus their energies on resolving health problems.

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