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India comes up with low-cost vaccine for diarrhoea

Indian scientists have developed a new vaccine to protect infants and children from rotavirus infections, which cause severe diarrhoea. In India, nearly one lakh children die every year because of rotavirus infections.

The scientists at the Department of Biotechnology (DBT) in partnership with Bharat Biotech and have developed the vaccine Rotavac and it will cost around Rs.54 per dose. It will be given to infants in three doses at six, ten and fourteen weeks. This vaccine will be available in the market after it gets a clearance from the Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI).

According to Dr. M K Bhan, advisor to the Indian Academy of Pediatrics, “with its low price and strong efficacy, the vaccine has the potential to reduce the incidence of severe diarrhea caused by rotavirus”.

There is a need for more such public private partnerships in innovation as it will aid India in achieving some of its important MDG targets like reduction in child deaths and increase in child immunization rates by 2015. To read more click the link.

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