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On the agenda: Dr. Harsh Vardhan to set up an AIIMS like facility in each state

   Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan said that his ministry has set an agenda to open an All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in each state.  “This will ensure good health care facilities at the nearest place to the people,” he said. The minister will also be seeking the views of all the state governments on this issue.




 People from all over India come to AIIMS at New Delhi for medical treatment. They may have to spend their whole day standing in line for an appointment. Some people from lower income groups cannot afford accommodation in the city  and sleep outside in the hospital grounds till they get to see the doctor. Setting  up  such facilities is an urgent need for every state and would help improve access to health care drastically. Currently, there are six other institutions modelled on AIIMS, New Delhi and are located in Bhopal, Bhubaneshwar, Jodhpur, Patna, Raipur and Rishikesh.

   Prof.V S Chauhan, Director- ICGEB, during an interview with HII earlier had said that “the new All India Medical Institutions in different locations in India is a good step but this should have been done decades earlier. All 29 states in India should have at least one All India Medical Institute like facilities.” To read his interview, click here .

1 thought on “On the agenda: Dr. Harsh Vardhan to set up an AIIMS like facility in each state”

  1. This looks like a really good initiative and one that should have been done earlier. Healthcare is not currently a political issue and should be made one sooner rather than later. Affordable healthcare should be the right of every Indian.

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