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India’s medical schools are plagued with fraud

In a four-month investigation, Reuters has documented series of fraud in India’s medical-education system. Some of the findings are mentioned below:

  • One out of every six of the country’s 398 medical schools has been accused of cheating, according to Indian government records and court filings.
  • Recruiting companies routinely provide medical colleges with doctors to pose as full-time faculty members to pass government inspections.
  • To demonstrate that teaching hospitals have enough patients to provide students with clinical experience, colleges round up healthy people to pretend they are sick.
  • Government records show that since 2010, at least 69 Indian medical colleges and teaching hospitals have been accused of such transgressions or other significant failings, including rigging entrance exams or accepting bribes to admit students.
  • Two dozen of the schools have been recommended for outright closure by the regulator.
  • About 45 percent of the people in India who practice medicine have no formal training, according to the Indian Medical Association. These 700,000 unqualified doctors have been found practicing at some of India’s biggest hospitals, giving diagnoses, prescribing medicines and even conducting surgery.

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