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The power lies with you – Claude Alvares of the Goa Foundation talks to HII

Claudealvares. Goa Foundation director.
Image credit: Harshakoda at English Wikipedia / CC BY-SA (

For more than 35 years, Claude Alvares has acted as director of the Goa Foundation. In the Foundation’s own words

“The Goa Foundation is the most well known of Goa’s environmental action groups. Founded in 1986 by a group of Goan environmentalists each flighting his or her own individual environmental battles, the organisation today commands the respect of judiciary, government and the general public for persisting with its environment agenda for more than three decades. The work of the Foundation spans different areas and fields, all related in some way or another with the conservation of Goa’s natural environment.”

I was privileged to speak with Mr Alvares today on a range of issues. We discussed COVID-19, the environment, mining, and more. You can watch our interview here.

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